Hotel Caravan 5 stars

Cost: 30 billion sum per 3 hectares
21 050 m² total area of the building
The hotel complex of the "5 stars" level is being built next to the Charvak reservoir – a favorite vacation spot of Uzbeks and guests of our capital. At its base, tourist equestrian and hiking routes through the nearby picturesque mountain gorges, waterfalls and springs, rock art caves will be organized.

The architectural design of the hotel complex is made in accordance with the latest construction technologies, using modern design solutions, while not violating the overall harmony of the mountain landscape.Such famous scientists as the archeologist, historian, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, senator E.W. Rtveladze took part in the development of the project; Honored Architect of Uzbekistan, Academician S.M. Sutyagin; Professor of the Japanese Society for the Design of Gardens Kozo Iwatani; famous Japanese scientist and archaeologist Kyuzo Zato; Babur Ismailov, member of the Creative Association of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan; Yu.F.Buryakov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Academician, Head of many archaeological expeditions, UNESCO international projects, researcher of the Great Silk Road and, in particular, the Tashkent region.
Charvak, Uzbekistan

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