Vinnaya Choykhona

30 млрд.

5490total areasq.m

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  The facility is located on the small ring road in the area of ​​a paint and varnish factory a few minutes from the center of Tashkent. It is a 4-storey building. The total area of ​​the complex is 4212 sq.m. The location and technical characteristics make it possible to organize a multifunctional complex on site, providing a wide range of decisions: from a shopping center to restaurants at various levels.

Sold for 30 billion.sum is a 5-storey MULTIFUNCTIONAL COMPLEX with an area of 5,490 sq.m and 10 acres for landscaping on the banks of the river.

The complex is located in the center of Tashkent on Malaya Koltsevaya, near the Darkhan construction market.

The total area of the building: 5,490 sq.m.

The area of 1-2-3-4 floors and attics of 1,090 sq.m. each floor.



1st floor – 3.3 m
2nd floor – 4.2 m
3rd floor – 4.4 m
4th floor – 3.6 m
attic – 3.3 m

The design project is technical.

The location and technical characteristics make it possible to organize a multifunctional complex on the site of the object: from a shopping center to restaurants of various levels.

Opposite there are Audi Car Center, Darkhan Construction Market and premium construction shops. Mustakillik Avenue, Pushkin Metro Station, NBU stadium Sports and Recreation complex and the Embassy of India are less than one kilometer away. The location of the object allows you to get to it from anywhere in the city within fifteen minutes. In addition, a nearby road interchange will avoid traffic jams and ensure a comfortable arrival at the facility even with the busiest traffic in the morning and evening.

Cadastres have been received.

The project was agreed with all authorities, construction and installation work was carried out in strict accordance with building codes and regulations.

All communications are connected to the building.

Ideal for any type of business.

Land area: 1400 sq.m
Total area of ​​the building 5490 sq.m
The area of ​​the basement and 1-2-3 floors 1053 square meters each floor

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Small Ring Road, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


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