Multifunctional restaurant complex

Cost: 60 billion sum
7000 m² land area
4760 m² total area of the building
A four-storey building with an original facade has grown on a small ring road in the area of a paint and varnish factory a few minutes from the center of Tashkent. The ground floor is decorated with huge, brightly lit arched windows, reminiscent of the Moorish architectural style. Behind them is located the new two-tiered store "Caravan of Tastes", which is owned by the well-known company in the country and beyond its borders Caravan Group.
60 billion sum – PURCHASE BUILDING WHOLE – 4716 m²
35 billion sum: 1st, 2nd floor, 3rd and 4th (technical floor) + 0.5 Ha (officially according to the cadastre) – 2135 m²
8 billion sum – 2nd floor – for a bar or restaurant, 70% finished, furnished, with a separate front entrance from the 1st floor and a fire exit. The ceiling height is 4.4 meters. The total area is 823 m²
19 billion sum – PART OF THE GROUND FLOOR (513 m²) AND THE FIRST FLOOR (877 sq.m.). The total area is 1,390 m². The ceiling height of the 1st floor is 4.2 meters, the ceiling height of the ground floor is 3.3 meters. The finish is 90% finished. The cadastre was received.
4.5 billion sum – THE END PART OF THE 1st FLOOR (368 m²) and 4 acres of land for landscaping. The height of the floor ceiling is 3.3 meters.
Small Ring Road, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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