Earn together!


  We have been developing, purchasing and building delicious commercial objects for restaurants, cafes and bars for 20 years.
We invite investors to work together on the existing promising business project. Expected operating profit of 30% per annum from investments in national and 15% – in foreign currency. Buy stakes in the business or become an investor to get a guaranteed financial income. We will discuss various options at your convenience.


Caravan Group develops, acquires, builds, exploits
and creates highly profitable objects. We skillfully use
market conditions that would maximize profits for
our business partners in creating high-quality objects



We are ready to sell ready-made business on credit terms. Valuation of real estate is carried out on the basis of market research, the dynamics of prices for real estate, analysis of existing income and risks.

Concept development

The basis for the creation of the project concept includes marketing research: analysis of the real estate market, selection of the object, the formation of the project strategy, investment analysis, registration of initial permits, attraction of credit and investment funds.


Specialists of Development.uz create unique objects taking into account the preferences of customers. At the design stage, our team develops the financial scheme of the project, forms an architectural and engineering group that best suits the object, manages the design, conducts a tender for construction work.


Design developed and implemented by Bobur Ismailov under the auspices of Development.uz, has a special handwriting, which is long recognizable not only within the country but also abroad.

Construction audit

Construction audit service performed by Development.uz specialists. will help to objectively and accurately conduct a construction analysis at any stage, including an audit of the project and construction in progress.

Turnkey real estate

Development.uz company also offers construction of turnkey facilities for projects developed by us.

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